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Creating world-class custom orthotics and ankle braces is an art and science. Sudbury Orthotics custom orthotics and ankle braces are precision made by our podiatrist using innovative materials and cutting-edge technology. Our high standards of excellence drive us in our quest to constantly produce foot products and to improve every patient’s quality of life.

We us podiatry to improve the quality of life of those with foot pain and provide prescription orthotics to help athletes excel in all forms of competition; Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Football, Skiing, Skating, Running, Cycling, and all manor of sports. We even provide custom orthotics for high heels and women’s shoes to add comfort while maintaining style and sophistication.

Prescription Orthotics

Everyday Orthotic

The perfect blend of rigidity and flexibility to comfortably treat the majority of patients.

Recommended for:
  • Day-to-day use orthotics for most adults.
  • Light to moderate activities like standing, walking, jogging or casual athletics.
  • The majority of children.
  • Geriatric patients. (soft flex)
  • Mild diabetic patients. (soft flex)
  • Adults looking for a well-rounded orthotic that offers extra flexibility. (soft flex)

Multi-Density Orthotic

Our most accommodating prescription orthotics featuring a very flexible composite shell with layer of pre-stressed, dual density foam.

Multi-Density Prescription Orthotics can be prescribed by your Doctor of Podiatric Medicine at Sudbury Orthotics.

The thin composite foundation allows for multiple layers of comfortable foam without adding unwanted bulk. Prescription Comfort custom orthotics fit in most everyday shoes.

Proformance Orthotic

Rigid orthotics engineered for serious athletes or patients who require a firmer orthotic device.

Recommended for:
    • Moderate to competitive athletes participating in activities like running, skiing, skating, cycling, basketball, tennis, soccer, football or other high-impact activities.
    • Extremely active males ages 15 to 30.
    • Adults who require or prefer more support and control from their orthotics.

Custom Ankle Braces

Dori-Assist Brace

An articulated AFO (ankle/foot orthotic) featuring motion assist joints with a custom- made foot plate (orthosis).

Gauntlet Ankle Brace

A solid AFO (ankle/foot orthotic) with a custom-made foot plate (orthosis).

Integrated Brace

An articulated AFO (ankle/foot orthotic) that combines the best features of orthopedic shoes, custom ankle brace and custom foot orthotic.

In-Office Foot Digitizer

In-House Foot Digitizer

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The Sudbury Orthotics In-Office Foot Digitizer and our podiatry education ensures the highest level of quality foot orthotics & ankle braces. It’s 21st century technology built on years of hard-earned, hands-on podiatry experience.

Instead of molding feet with plaster casts or taking impression using foam boxes, our 3D scanner utilizes the latest technology to take extremely accurate measurements, resulting in effective orthorics & ankle braces. The process replicates the best in plaster casting techniques with no mess, no discomfort and quicker turn around times.

Your stored prescription information can be used for multiple orthotics with no need for rescanning or additional appointments.  This saves you time and money, while maintaining a high level of consistency and quality our podiatrist demands.

Patient well-being is too important for prescription orthotics to be made poorly or incorrectly. The In-Office Foot Digitizer and years of podiatry experience greatly assists us in making them right the first time.

Sudbury Orthotics and NOFA Clinic are proud to bring this technology to Sudbury and the surrounding areas and will continue to do our part to advance podiatry treatment to new heights.

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